Canon Rebel T5I

Ah yes the Canon Rebel T5I, a great DLSR camera for a good price. Originally we purchased the Canon Rebel T5 not the ” T5I” only to find out there was no external camera microphone input. The T5I is a great camera with some really easy to use features for those non-professional photographers like myself. Some of the noticeable differences like the 18.0 MP CMOS sensor is amazing. Allowing you to enlarge or crop your subject photo. It also features a expandable ISO from 100-12800 which makes shooting possible in those dark places without flashes. The EOS T5I can shoot up to 5.0 frames per second continuously.  The EOS Rebel T5i offers easy-to-use, professional video capture without compromise. It enables easy manual control of exposure, focus and Live View features, even in-camera editing! Movie Servo AF allows continuous autofocus tracking of moving subjects while recording video. I’ve owned the camera little over a year and love it! Its great for the photo enthusiasts and has some great abilities alongside a huge variety of accessories. Check out some of our sample photos below!

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Canon Rebel T5i

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