Thule Hull-A-Port Kayak Carrier



The Thule Hull-A-Port Kayak Carrier is a great option for transporting your kayaks to the lake, river, & ocean. The mounting on the racks fits most round bars and factory racks. A sleek design to reduce wind resistance but support your kayaks for the trip. ” We purchased a pair of these carriers for our kayaks and absolutely love them on our 4runner, making it very easy to load and unload our kayaks”-Ernest wrote.


The racks are pretty simple to mount just make sure you check them occasionally as we found sometimes the hardware can become loose. It fits perfectly around round bars and is snug. They install in a matter of minutes and come with very specific instructions making the installation easy.

2. Mounting & Removal 

Mounting your Kayak racks can not be any easier. The Thule carriers have nice soft padding making it simple to slide your kayak onto. You will want to be sure to prep the carriers before setting kayaks in carrier as it can be difficult once already on. The removal process is simple just undo the tie straps and slide kayaks off. If you have a taller vehicle it may require 2 people or a step stool to for safe removal.



3. Design

The steel design with adjustable padding makes for extra carrying strength and protection for your Kayak. The wide mouth J-Frame allows for easier loading and unloading. Thule added AllSurface rust-resistant coating and hardware for longer product life. They even sell Thule AeroBlade with Xadapt11 T-track hardware kit (sold separately).


All in all if your looking for a great kayak carrier system for your SUV or vehicle the Thule Hull-A-Port might be the most cost efficient way to go! You can even check out the Hullavator which is an upgraded assisting carrier made by Thule. Overall, Thule products are a leader in the Kayak world.


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